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Wildlife at Planter

Note: Our wildlife information comes from the links listed below. Unless otherwise noted, all photos are taken by Planter. Raptor images are captured using Gimp graphics software.

We live next to a preserve, so we get visits from Black Bears. In 2016, a mother and her cub decided to hang out. Visit our Bear Page for more. See Black Bear Facts and our references below.


May brings a palette of colors to the roadside: Trillium is more common in low-lying forested areas. If we are lucky, we find Common Lady's Slipper growing along the road under our rhododendron; Trillium 2006they are listed as imperiled in NH due primarily to development and'wildcrafting.'

Hummingbirds below appear at Planter in mid- to late May. Their nesting period is in the spring, so there may be a nest nearby. According to the Northern Prairie Research Center website (link below), hummingbirds have the largest brain size proportionate to its body size than any other birds and they consume half their weight in sugars in a day. No wonder they are so aerodynamically efficient! The hummingbird feeder is especially helpful to them in early spring before flowers are in full bloom.

         Male Hummingbird      Male Hummingbird     Female Hummingbird

The vernal pool frog eggs in our lower field are the first indicator that spring is here.

The Warner River enters the field, but since there is no egress, predators tend to avoid entering. Frogs and salamanders find this an ideal place to lay their eggs.


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