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We rely on this page to keep informed. Unfortunately, we have not updated it so many are probably obsolete.


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Public Information

Librarians are the first line of defense against false or revised information. Visit The Library of Congress for the most comprehensive links to our federal government and other information resources.

In the Garden

PlantFacts -- Ornamental Master List A subset that allows you to select the type of plant: tree, shrub, perennial, bulb, etc.

Michigan Master Plant Index --The mother of extension services plant information for the home gardener has been retired!

Univ. of Connecticut Plant Database

Oregon State Landscape PlantsA very comprehensive list!

USDA Cooperative Extension Services Homepage
Extension Service (Cornell Univ.)
Extension Service (Florida)
Xerces Society
Extension Service (Nebraska)
Extension Service (No. Carolina Univ.)
Extension Service (Clemson Univ.)
Extension Service (Virginia)
Extension Service (North Carolina State)
Herb & Garden Index - Common Names (US Natl. Library of Medicine) for Herbal Data
Insects -  Images - IPM (Iowa State)

Butterfly Gardening (Florida)

Fedco Seeds (Organic, Open-Pollinated, Heirloom)
Johnny's Seeds (Organic, Heirlooms, On-Line Ordering)
Chile Pepper Institute (NM State Univ. - Seeds, Images, and Resources)
Seed Savers Exchange (Iowa)
Seeds of Change (New Mexico)

Horticultural and Botanical

Missouri Botanical Gardens Look for Plant Finder

New York Botanical Gardens
Pocket Gardener (Ohio State Univ.            --limited but very good source with graphics)

In the Environment

USEPA Envirofacts Data-By Database
Surf Your Watershed --An incredibly powerful database that allows local citizens to determine the health of their local streams, rivers, lakes, and drinking water sources.
NOAA Climate Program Office, created as recently as October, 2005. Researches, educates, and coordinates international climate activities.
NOAA Air Quality Study in partnership with other  US and European agencies and research institutes and universities will soon publish a study and daily air quality pollution forecasts.  
U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention    (CDC)
Chemical Scorecard   (Environmental Defense Fund) scores polluting industries environmental records.
Chemical Database EPA/CA & EPA) finds ingredients of products and their toxicity.
Environmental Working Group tracks current issues.
ATSDR Database Tracks releases of Hazardous Substances

In the Doctor's Office

NIH-Consumer Health Info  (US National Institute of Health)

US Nutrient Database   (USDA)
Mayo Clinic  
NIH Health Index NIH chose to put their best health index data on the Senior Health web site. Wonder why. . .
USDA Food Composition Database

Nutrition Research Centers
Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

In the Home

Firstgov Search--Another casualty in the attempt to inform citizens.
American Council for Energy Efficiency Economy (ACEEE)
Consumer Information (USDOE)
USDA/NRCS Plant Database

Consumer Supported Agriculture Links  (USDA-Natl. Agric. Library)
Directory of Farmers Markets   (USDA)
Coop Directory- States (Good links)
Energy Savers   (US DOE)
National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT)
Rocky Mountain Institute
National Geographic
Science News
Michigan Land Use Institute

In the Kitchen

Canning Guide (Univ. of MN)
USDA Food Composition Database

Nutrient Database   (USDA)
Food & Nutrition Information Center (US FDA)
National Organic Program (USDA)
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

NH Products
Sanders Lobster Market, Portsmouth

Yankee Farmers Market, Warner

Warner NH

New Hampshire




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