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Bubi's Chicken Soup

Note: This recipe was handed down to me by my maternal grandmother, Miriam Blasenstein,
who survived in hiding for four years during the Nazi occupation of eastern Europe.  This recipe has treated many a cold,
flu, and asthma attack for her grandchildren, now fledged, who now make their own.
1) Fill pot with water to cover the chicken.
2) Add leafy ends and the hearts of a celery head and several leaves of sorrel if you have it (adds a
slight lemony flavor and may even help clarify the stock).
3) Add 1-3 carrots, depending on size of pot.
4) Cook til you see the fat forming on the surface.  Chicken should be tender as well.  About 45-
90 minutes, depending on how large the pot is and how much poultry you use.
5) I use a colander to strain soup.  Bone meat, and you have two meals.  (Our dog loves this final
step, because he gets some skin and scrap meat!)
6) Use with matzo balls (recipe is on the package of matzo meal), noodles, knishes, or as a base
for sauces or pistou.