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Red Chile Sauce Modified

Note:  Chile Pepper Magazine (11/12/95) is the source of inspiration for this recipe.  
It could be used as a base for experimenting with otheringredients.  For example, the chicken broth in this recipe could be replaced 
with maple syrup and orange juice Better Homes & Gardens, or with olive oil and balsamic vinegar (Washington Post. 
Dried peppers help  the sauce.  Ancho peppers are good for rehydrating because they are large and impart a nice smoky flavor.  Other 
varieties for drying are any of the NuMex varieties at www.chilepepperinstitute.org. I used Ancho (Poblano), a moderately hot pepper that
dries easily and has a nice smoky flavor.

2-3		cloves garlic, chopped
1		cp jalapeno, serrano or other hot pepper, or to taste
3-6		dried chile peppers, rehydrated in hot water for 15 minutes, and drained 
1		t black pepper, coarsely ground
pinch of salt
pinch of ground chipotle (opt, to taste)
1/2		cp whiskey or bourbon, or to taste
2		cps chicken broth, reserving 1 cp for moistening
1		T brown sugar
1		T dark corn syrup
1		T balsamic vinegar, or more to taste

1.  Saute fresh chiles, garlic and pepper slowly in oil till soft and browned.
2.  Deglaze pan with whiskey, 1 cup of broth, and remaining ingredients and allow to cook down a little.
3.  Puree half of this mixture with the rehydrated chiles.
4.  Add pureed mixture to the remaining sauce and cook slowly and evenly, adding reserved sauce as necessary.