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Dried Rose Hips

Source: Brooklyn Botanic Garden Record, Herbs and Cooking, Patrick Lima.

Generally, rugosa roses are best for producing rose hips, but there are exceptions ('Martin
Frobisher' and 'Hansa'). The author prefers 'Jens Munk', which has pink semidouble flower,
and 'Scabrosa' which has pink single flowers.

1. Pick rose hips when they are plump and red but not softly overripe. Trim stem and
blossom end.
2. Cut hips in half, scoop out seeds and fibers with a small spoon.
3. Dry on a screen in an airy, shaded place indoors.
4. Completely dried hips should be as hard as coffee beans.
5. Pulverize in a blender or mill.
6. Steep with other herbs, dry or fresh, for more flavor.