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Louisiana proverb: "Each cook knows his own pot best"  *


Grandma, Mom, Uncle Gustav

Dedicated to Bubi (ca 1890-1970), whose chicken soup nourished many aching bodies and souls; my mother, Necha Peterson (1906-1975); and, my other mother, Mom (Ralph) Dorrington (1924-2003).


One of this cook's goals on retirement was to compile a searchable index of my favorite recipes and make it available on a computer screen that resides next to my kitchen countertop.

Shirley's Recipes is the result.   It took six years of consolidating recipes from my grandmother, mother, family, friends, cookbooks, and magazine and newspaper articles, accumulated over the past 3-4 decades.  

A soaring cholesterol level took me back to the drawing board to include low-fat alternatives.  Also included are ideas from old  Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines (thanks to our local recycling center), and from Martha Stewart Living Magazine (one year's subscription)  and her web site.   Never hurts to see how the pros, and those who don't worry about cholesterol levels, do it!

Our garden helps fill the pantry, so information on growing, preserving and storage is also included. 

Some of my mother-in-law's favorites are in Mom's Recipes .  


* Roughly Translated Disclaimer:  Most of these recipes have been tested in  Planter's  and  Mom's kitchens and are generally fail-safe for us, but we make no guarantees. 

Acknowledgements contains most of the sources of inspiration for my 30 year collection of recipes.  

Nutrition & Food Safety

Canning Guide (Univ. of FL)
Canning Guide (USDA/Utah Extension)
Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition (US FDA)
Food Safety   (North Carolina State Univ.)
Food Preservation (Iowa State Univ.)
Nutrient Database   (USDA)
Nutrient Laboratory (USDA)    
Food & Nutrition Information Center (US FDA)
National Organic Program (USDA)
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

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