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Julia Child's Quiche Dough

Note: In this 7/84 Parade Magazine article, she also tells you how to pre-bake a pie shells.   I
think this is a hint for the non-purist, harried homemaker who aspires to be Julia Child but
can't do quiches.  You can also use an 8" upside down cake pan.   This recipe makes 2 shells. 

3 1/2 	cp flour
2 1/2   sticks chilled butter (preferably unsalted)
4    	T chilled lard or shortening
2    	t salt
2/3- 1  cp iced water

1.  Wrap and chill dough for at least 2 hrs.
2.  Butter inside of quiche ring or cake pan and baking sheet or false-bottom cake pan.
3.  Roll chilled dough up onto your pin and unroll over the ring.
4.  Press dough in place.  To make sides of the free-standing shell strong enough to hold filling, push
    dough down with your fingers all around ring.  Work fast so dough doesn't soften.
5.  Roll your pin over the top of the ring to remove excess dough.  An 18" Italian pasta pin works well for this approach.
6.  Push dough up the sides with your thumbs to form a rim standing 1/4" or so above the top of the
    ring. Patch any thin areas with raw dough.  Prick bottom with fork tines.
7.  Cover with plastic and chill 30 min so shell will bake evenly.
8.  Pre-bake shell to prevent soggy bottom.  Keep sides and bottom in place by bracing them with
    buttered foil and dried beans.
9.  Preheat oven to 450  and bake in lower middle level til bottom of pastry is set but still slightly soft.
10. Bake a few minutes more, til pastry is just beginning to color and to separate slightly from edges of
    mold or pan.
Cool 10 min before unmolding.  You can freeze one of these.
See Tomato Provencale Quiche for filling.