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Pork and Vegetables on Rice Noodles
Note:  Inspired by a recipe for Cellophane-Noodle Salad with Roast Pork on epicurious.com.
Their recipe calls for pork butt cooked in an Asian sauce.  Pork Loin Roasts can be 
cooked several ways, depending on cooking method and whether you want sliced or shredded meat. A slow cooker is easier but
may not slice as easily as an oven-baked roast.  I usually rub the roast generously with black and hot red pepper flakes and our
 Apricot-Jalapeno jelly, and slow cook it for 4-5 hours  We also use frozen jalapeno and cherry peppers for use 
in recipes like this one.  

The epicurious.com recipe calls for mango, cucumber, and fresh cilantro and mint, none of which we had 
on hand when testing in Planter Kitchen.   Other veggie options might be sliced pok choy, arugula or other mildly spicy green.  
 The proverb on our recipe page applies to this recipe!

For the veggies:

1  lb green beans, steamed till fork-tender
1  carrot, peeled and thinly sliced
3 or more sliced green onions or scallions

Cook slowly in a saucepan and set aside:
Rice vinegar and vegetable/olive oil to taste, enough to make one cup
Juice from at least  of a lime 
Hot peppers, diced and to taste
1-3 T finely grated fresh ginger
Experiment with herbs 
For the noodles:

One half package of rice noodles was enough for two people.
Soak noodles in cold water till pliable and drain.

Veggies, shredded or thinly sliced pork, and noodles go into a well-oiled stir fry pan and sauted lightly.

The dressing  could be added to stir fry mixture or reserved for drizzling over each individual serving.