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Lamb Stew or Mutton

Note: We celebrated St. Patrick's Day with the following version
of lamb stew.  Google for mutton and you will find it is an ethnic dish.  This version is inspired
by a FoodTV recipe that needed some more inspiration.

Less butter and flour and more stout beer, Andouille sausage to spice it up, and the result is a 
lighter, tastier, spiced-up version of Irish stew. Peas seem fairly standard in lamb dishes, but
broth base varies:  some use chicken, some use beef. Other vegetables can be substitute:  frozen
artichoke hearts, canned or frozen corn.  A Navajo Nation web site recipe includes squash. This could be 
cooked in a crock pot.  Serve it with rolls or Navajo bread.  Or, top with a pastry and cook as you
would a pot pie.  

4	T olive oil
1	lb lamb shoulder, bone saved and meat cubed
1/2	lb Andouille, or other, sausage, sliced in 1/2" disks
3	cps leeks, trimmed, ashed and sliced 
1	bottle stout beer, extra stout if available
6	cps beef stock
1	28-oz can tomatoes, finely chopped
16	oz peas (frozen or fresh)
1	lb carrots, or mix with parsnips
1	lb white or sweet potatoes, peeled and cubed into 1" pieces
1/4	cp flour
2	T butter
2	T butter substitute 

rosemary, sprigs of fresh if available
cayenne pepper, and black pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 400 after preparing meat and vegetables.

1.  Set aside the bones and brown meat in 2 T olive oil.  Remove from pan, drain and set aside.
2.  Add butter and butter substitute to the pan. Slowly stir in flour to make a roux.  Mix
thoroughly with wooden scraper till smooth and brown.
3.  Whisk in beer and stock.  
4.  Add 2 cps leeks, tomatoes with liquid, reserved lamb and lamb bones, and spices.
5.  Simmer for 1-2 hours.  Add more liquid if necessary to keep broth light.
6.  Mix vegetables, except peas, with olive oil and rosemary, spread on baking sheet and roast
for 30 minutes, till fork-tender.
7.  Add vegetables and peas to stew.  Cook for 5-10 minutes.
8.  Fry leeks in a little oil till browned and use for garnish.