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Fish on Barbie

Source: Chile Pepper, August 1996

* Dense fish: tuna, mahi-mahi, salmon, mackerel, bluefish, monkfish

* Don’t remove skin of steaks: seals in flavor and moisture and helps hold shape. You can remove it before serving. Skin on fillets shrink and meat will curl. Make series of ¼” deep diagonal slash in skin before grilling.

* Use foil with perforations for thinner fish fillets.

* Sear fish quickly. Slow cooking will dry it out.

* Biggest problem in grilling fish: sticks to grill and falls apart when removed. Oil grill first and avoid moving it.

* Acidic marinades with vinegar and lemon juice breaks down fish and it becomes mushy. Marinate 15 -60 minutes with these ingredients.

* If using marinade for a sauce, boil and simmer before serving.

* For flavoring fish: Use closed-lid grill and slow heat when using soaked wood chips on heat source. NOTE: mesquite and oak burn hotter than other woods, so raise height of grill to compensate. Also, use herbs directly on heat source for flavoring.