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You can do this the American way or the French way.  You can also dip the chips in
Beer Batter as one restaurant in Sunappee (NH) does. 

You can slice them in wedges, use a mandoline to slice them lengthwise, or slice them the
"Maccy D" way.  You can bake them or deep fry them.

I have yet to try frying them the French way, at least two times.  Gourmet Magazine
fries them first at 325 for 4 minutes in batches of three, then draining and cooling for about 
25 minutes.  The second time calls for a higher temperature, 350, for 5 minutes per batch.

The potatoes are warmed in a 250 degree oven on a shallow baking pan. 

Our low-fat approach is to fry either wedges or strips in 1/2" oil, then draining and 
baking till fork tender.  Sweet potatoes may take slightly longer.