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Chocolate Mousse Cake
Sources: A montage of Joy of Cooking for the Devil's Food Cake; Pillsbury Holiday Baking for the 
Chocolate Mousse; a Gourmet Magazine, 1987 article on chocolate cakes.  This cake could debut as a
round layered cake, a rectangular cake, or a rolled cake baked in a jelly roll pan, though I doubt that a devil's food
cake is firm enough for the latter.  You can bake this recipe in a spring form pan or two 9" pans.  I tried two
9" pans and sliced each layer horizontally.  Very tricky!  Husband rates it 8.8 and my rating is 9.45.  A guaranteed success
for Christmas dinner.

1.  For the cake:
2		cps flour
1		t baking soda
pinch salt

2-4		oz unsweetened chocolate
1/2		cp milk
1		cp light brown sugar, firmly packed
1		egg yolk

1/2		cp butter
1		cp sifted sugar
2		egg yolks

1/4		cp water
1/2		cp milk	
1		t vanilla

2		egg whites

2.  For the chocolate mousse
8		oz semisweet chocolate, chopped
1/4		t almond extract
2		cps whipping cream
2-3		T creme d' cacao or Baileys liqueur

For the frosting:
3		T butter
4		oz semisweet chocolate
1		t vanilla
1 1/2	cp powdered sugar, enough for the right consistency
 Preheat oven to 
1.	Assemble the dry ingredients in medium bowl and set aside.
2.  Warm chocolate and milk and mix with brown sugar and egg yolk.
3.  Cream butter, sifted sugar, egg yolks.
4.  Mix water, milk and vanilla in small bowl.
5.  In larger bowl, mix flour mixture and butter mixture together in three parts, alternating with water/milk mixture.
6.  Beat two egg whites and fold into cake mixture.
7.  Pour into greased pans of your choice.  Bake for about 25 minutes.
8.  Cool.  Cut each cake vertically.  Spread portions of mousse on each layer.
9.  Assemble each layer and frost top and sides.