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Bubi's Stuffed Cabbage

Note: This recipe was handed down to me from memory by my Grandmother, who survived
Hitler's Poland and Germany in hiding for 4 years. This recipe has treated many a cold, flu, and
asthma attack for her grandchildren, now fledged and make their own, time permitting! When this recipe database is completed, the editor hope to start compiling her memoirs. She had much to tell. See Bubi for an abstract.

Use kettle large enough to fit a head of green cabbage and water to cover. Fill with enough water to cover cabbage. Bring to boil.

While you're waiting for water to boil, prepare filling:

1) place 1 lb of hamburger in a bowl with  1/2 cup of rice. Add one egg and 1-3 T of matzo meal (substitute bread or cracker crumbs). Mix thoroughly and set aside.

2) Core cabbage, cutting off much of the stiff white stem of leaves.

When water comes to boil, insert cabbage head in water and boil 2-3 minutes.   Remove from heat and soak until leaves come off easily.  Drain leaves on a towel. While waiting for them to drain:

3) Add to a pot large enough to hold all the cabbages plus remaining leaves
1  28 oz. can tomatoes (don't use stewed - whole tomatoes with stem end cut off and manually cut into small pieces is best)
juice from half a lemon
half an onion
several T of honey

4) Roll enough of the meat mixture to fit each leaf; place at core end of leaf, roll, and tuck in ends of the roll with your fingers.

5) Place some of remaining leaves in bottom of stewing pot, layer cabbage rolls and chopped tomatoes.   Cover with remaining cabbage leaves. Simmer for at least 45 minutes, making sure there's enough liquid; add water if necessary.