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Buffalo -- Cooking

Source of information:  National Bison Association (NBA) and Yankee Farmer's Market at www.yankeefarmersmarket.com.   The latter is located in our home town and is our supplier, but they will ship.   Their sausages are great!

Buffalo was recommended to me by a nutritionist as a low-fat source of meat.   Generally, it  has as much cholesterol as beef.  Compare the nutrtion information below with similar cuts of beef in our Nutrition Comparison Table.  An exception is a 1/4 bison burger, which contains half the cholesterol of a 1/4 lb. extra lean hamburger.

Individual cuts of Bison are identical to beef:  chuck, rump, and round roasts are tougher; tenderloin, rib eye, NY strip, and top round roasts are more tender.  The NBA recommends marinating tougher cuts before cooking.   Because buffalo have less fat than beef, which acts as an insulator to slow down the cooking process, it should be cooked slowly at low to medium temperatures (135-155). 

Only the tender cuts of steak should be grilled at the following rate:

1" thick - Rare: 6 - 8 min. Medium: 8 - 10 min.
1 1/2" thick - Rare: 8 - 10 min. Medium: 10 - 12 min.
2" thick - Rare: 10 - 12 min. Medium 14 - 18 min.

Bison kabobs are marinated and grilled the same as for rare steak. Marinade recipes for both sources are almost identical and include soy sauce, white wine, and vegetable oil.

Nutrition information for each:

burgers (1/4 lb)           156   calories     9 g fat      30 mg chol
steak (6 oz)                   234      "              5 g "        105 mg  "
sirloin (1/4 lb)              273     "              15g "          70 mg  "
chili  (1/4 lb serving)   156    "               9 g "          69 mg  "