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Beef Chipotle Fajitas or Tacos
Note:  The sauce in this recipe is taken from Beef Chipotle.  You will
need a couple avocados,chopped, some sour cream,onions, and lettuce if desired for toppings, and warmed fajita
tortillas. Corn tortillas work too.  You can also use 8" flour tortillas and cut in half if necessary. Our
3-lb roast produced enough for 4 tacos with enough leftover meat for a Mexican

for the pot roast:
1	3 lb chuck roast, bigger if you want leftovers
2	carrots
2	onions
1	t Better than Bouillon 
1/2	cp water

Throw all ingredients in a slow cooker and cook first on high then on low heat till meat is easily shredded.  Add
water as needed throughout cooking.

Shred meat and set aside.

Make Adobo Sauce and set aside.

for the sauce:

3	dried ancho peppers
2	other hot dried peppers (cayenne, pasilla, chipotle)
1-2	T chipotle sauce if available, or ground chipotle to taste
2	T butter
1/4	cp green or other onions, chopped
2	cloves garlic, minced
1	cp beef bouillon or stock
1/2	cp red wine
1/4	cp Adobo Sauce (see above)
freshly ground pepper

1.  Hydrate the dried peppers in hot water for 10 or so minutes.  Reserve water for adding later if necessary.
2.	Saute onions and garlic in butter.  Add hydrated peppers and other ingredients and simmer till reduced by half.
3.  While the sauce is cooking, warm tortillas and assemble toppings on a large platter or cutting board.
3.  Puree all ingredients in blender till well combined. The recipe calls for straining but we prefer chunky.
4.  At this point you can either add the meat to the sauce or drizzle the sauce on top of the beef after assembled.  

Bon Appetit!!