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In addition to my grandmother and two Moms, I wish to thank sisters-in-law Mary and Liz; my deceased aunt Ina; Emma D.; Myteline S.; Smithsonian Institution Folk Festivals; Joy of Cooking; Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook; New American Heart Association Cookbook; Moosewood Restaurant Low Fat Favorites;The Whole Chile Pepper Book; Meta Given's Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking, 1952; Something Good, Beta Omega Chapter, Blythe, CA; The Village Cook-book, Salisbury, NH; Peter Christian's Recipes;Sunset Crockery Cookbook;Time-Life Series on (Cajun) Cooking, 1990; Sunset Weber Grill Fish and Shellfish; Sunset Favorite Recipes; The Harrowsmith Cookbook; Paul Prudhomme's Kitchen;  the Washington Post; and Better Homes and Gardens, Family Circle, Harrowsmith, Country Journal, and probably countless other magazines whose recipes inspired some of this collection.