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What's a "Planter"?

A container that holds plants? One who plants?

Yes, both are correct modern definitions. Yet, in our Nation's capital,  yards from the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument, there is an  island on a small, man-made lake. On the island, there are several  marble plaques, each dedicated to a signer of our Declaration of Independence. Below many of their names and signatures is a one word vocational description: Planter.

These "Planters" didn't just plant; they were revolutionaries; activists who recognized that growing their own food and fiber meant survival and independence from feudal landlords.

The British derisively referred to the American revolutionaries as "common Planters".

Everybody has priorities; What they think really counts. For us, global, national, and personal security is best assured by properly managing our Nation's natural resources. The smartest move Americans ever made... was landing in America... with its abundant natural resources including vast tracts of deep topsoil, forests, fisheries, harbors, rivers, oil, coal, gas, etc.

Our economy and well being depend upon our natural resource base - NOT conversely. In the long run, there is NO conflict between prosperity and environmental protection.

Our national security requires sound, long-term natural resource management. That is, "sustainable" development. "Conservation" is prudent growth; it is NOT "anti-growth"! "Preservation" can delay or block some development, but it is only necessary in the wake of failed "conservation".

Aside from protecting the public's health and economy, there are less "pragmatic" reasons to manage our natural resources wisely...to hear the wind in the trees or a bluebird's song, to see the colorful flight of a butterfly, or starry skies instead the dull, orange glow of the electrical grid.

This modern revolution also seeks independence and freedom of choice -   for us and our our children who may find many of their options foreclosed, and for the other wild creatures who rely on us to protect our planet.


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