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New Hamphsire

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Lake Winnipesaukee, NH  (click to enlarge photo)

Click here to hear the sound of the vanishing loon.    Check the Wildlife Page to learn more about critters in our central NH region.    Visit our Photo Gallery


New Hampshire is the fastest growing state in New England. Yet, according to the League of Conservation Voters its Congressional delegation has the worst environmental voting record (in New England). NH, rather than creating an autonomous Department of Conservation has a Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED)!


Karner Blue (female)

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New Hampshire's State butterfly, the Karner Blue (above) is nearly extinct.

The official State bird, the Purple Finch, is also disappearing. Since this species prefers colder climates, and since the State has experienced a warming trend for the past 50 years, scientists say global warming can be blamed.

New Hampshire shoreline beaches are  at risk.  Scientists predict as much as a 2-foot rise in coastal flooding in NH coastal communities due to warming temperatures.


Mt. Sunapee State Park

Winter, 2008. Governor and Executive Council deny the Corporation's request for expansion.

March, 2006. Still no action. We are waiting for Okemo to threaten a lawsuit.

Spring, 2005. Concord Monitor reports Okemo Corporation will not be making future improvements in the Park. Interesting timing. NH State may want to reconsider lease renewal.

January, 2005.  New Hampshire's newly elected Governor has put a final decision on the request expansion by Okemo Corporation on hold until he hears more from the public.

August, 2004.   Concord Monitor reports a decision will be made in November on proposed condo and ski trail expansion by the Okemo Corporation.  Coincidence or not, it's seen by local opposition groups as a done deal. The National Park Service offered to review the Governor's decision to approve the expansion, but the offer was declined.

Expanded trails have been granted on one proposal.  A disabled facility lost out to a child care center for skiers. 

In 2004, the Okemo Corporation submitted a proposal for condos in an abutting community that will hook additional trails up to the Sunapee Resort.   Approval would make official the transformation from a leased State skiing park into a conglomerate real estate business.  (The Corporation owns ski resorts in Colorado and Vermont.)

Planter has seen the costs already in human welfare and safety and we don't even live in the Sunappee area.  Increased traffic on Rt. 103 to Sunapee claimed the life of our selectman's mother recently.  The Warner hillsides along Rt. 103 are being carved out for homes whose driveways will empty out on the highway, which has a speed limit of 50 mph.

Lakes Region

 Mt. Percival overlook   

Squam Lake and Lake Winnipesaukee from Mt. Percival (click to enlarge)

Personal watercraft

Spring, 2008

State legislators are considering a bill to limit speed on NH water bodies.

Spring, 2005

Local citizens are calling for safety controls due to huge increase in summer boat traffic. Speed limits are under consideration.

2004 Proposals to limit size and restrict access of jet skis are defeated.

Lead Sinkers

No longer sold. Loons are still suffering a decline in the Lakes Region. This should not come as a surprise. Most of the 182-mile shoreline and 253 islands are developed. Most of those homeowners own a motorboat. Add those numbers to the tens of thousands of summertime vacationers and their boats.

Spring, 2005. Stores have cleared their inventory. Enforcing the ban is another thing! Meanwhile, loons face a growing threat from more and more boat and jet-ski traffic.

Winter, 2005.Stores must clear their inventory of lead sinkers.

Spring, 2004.  decision by the State:  stores can sell them but fishers cannot use them.   

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Canoeing the Warner

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EPA County list of NH endangered species .   This list is compiled by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency with the cooperation of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  

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