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Wildlife Section



These pages are dedicated to the critters in the Mink Hills/Warner River watershed and to all the other creatures in our world.

Planter is trying out a 55-300 mm telephoto lens without using a tripod, so excuse the imperfections.

We spaced out Earth Day, but celebrate it every day at Planter. We began this spring with the appearance of spring peeper frog eggs and a tree swallow scouting out last year's nest.
Spring Peeper Eggs Tree Swallow, April 2016.

This year a new uninvited guest threatens the nest, possibly a Barred Owl.

Barred Owl

We saw one large and two smaller deer grazing in front meadow, but camera was not handy. Either they are frolicking on the road or there is a small herd! And a cardinal is unphased by this chickadee heading for the bird feeder. Our cardinals prefer to feed on the ground, even though the feeder is designed for them.

Deer Tracks Cardinal & Chickadee

Hawks check out our meadow daily. . .


Planter's other wildlife photographer is experimenting with a Moultrie Wildlife Web Cam and getting some good shots:

Bear in Lower Field Deer, 2016 Fox, 2016

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. . . If all the beasts were gone, men would die from great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to man.  All things are connected. . . .     Chief Sealth in letter to President Franklin Pierce

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