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Planter's Plant Gallery

Some photos can be enlarged by clicking.   

Daisies and Coneflowers

  Purple Coneflower                             Butterfly on Echinacea      Lambsears and Daisies

                    Echinacea purpurea                                 'Shasta' Daisy and Lamb's Ears


Delphinium and Foxgloves

                                           Foxglove          Delphinium                               Delphiniium and Foxglove

                                                       'Foxie' Foxglove  and   'Black Knight' Delphinium



                     Poppy                   Poppy Seedpod             Oriental Poppy

                       P. Somniferum           Poppy & Seedpod            P. Oriental


                    Autumn Harvest Sunflowers        Autumn Harvest Sunflowers          Valentine Sunflowers                Sunflower  

                                              'Autumn Beauty'                             ''Valentine'                                  'Soraya'

Herbs and Vegetables


  Borage        Calendula        Herb Pot                          Herb Patch

      Borage             Calendula            'Thai' Pepper and thyme          Dill, Borage, Coriander


                 Monarch on Verbena                     Nasturtium Patch

             Swallowtail Butterfly on Verbena               Nasturtiums and Sunflowers


The grasshopper photo was enlarged 60x with a microscope made by Intel/Matell Corporations.