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Scented Basil Jelly

Note:  Good for glazing fish or poultry.

Source:  Shepherd's Garden Seeds

1 1/2cp packed fresh anise, cinnamon, opal or lemon basil (choose one)
2 cps water
2 T rice vinegar
pinch of salt
3 1/2 cp sugar
3 oz liquid pectin

1. Wash and dry basil in paper towels. Then finely chop or process it in food processor.
2. Put basil in large saucepan and crush the leaves, using the bottom of a glass.
3. Add vinegar, salt and sugar and bring to hard boil while stirring. When the boil can't be
stirred down, add the pectin. Return to a hard boil that can't be stirred down, and boil for
exactly 1 minute, then remove saucepan from heat.
4. Skim off foam and pour hot jelly into hot, sterilized, 8-oz jelly jars. Leave 1/2" head space
and seal at once with sterilized lids or melted paraffin. Makes four 8-oz jars