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I have been calling our plant a Century Plant when in fact it is a Yucca--yucca filamentosa to be exact.  They can and do bloom more than once in a lifetime, unlike the Agave,
or Century Plant. Agave plants bloom only once at the end of its lifetime.  Blue agave Agave tequiliana is a member of the asparagus family tand is grown to produce tequila.   
Ours has bloomed several times in the past decade, in spite of being decimated one year from below ground.  This year, the first sign of a bloom came the first
week of July. It grew to about six feet and ended its bloom around July 24th.
Yucca  Yucca  Yucca Yucca  Yucca
and finally...
Yucca End Bloom  Yucca Pruned