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 The garden is taking a break this summer as Planter focuses on fall improvements to the meadow and woodland.   We are letting the
perennials do their thing. 
Panorama, June 1, 2020
Back Row <Back Row, June 1, 2020 border=
Plants are remarkably resilitent. Our back row planted in lupines, allium, aster, and rudbekia made their appearance known through the weeds! Notice the red lupines bloomed before the purple, so we have a longer bloom season. Rudbedia comes next, then in the fall, asters. Bulbs peak bloom is followed by phlox, rhododendron, and lilacs.
Our Yucca plant is so special we are reserving a separate page for it. Read A Bittersweet Tale of Love and Hate We are working on a Pepper Page
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