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September 15, 2018

We are two week away from the official first-frost date for NH, although it usually falls around October 9th.
  Fall cleanup begins with the sunflowers, which kept on producing in spite of collapsing several weeks ago.  The only sunflower that did not
  collapse was the volunteer growing in our garden path!
Cutting Down Sunflowers    Sunflower Bouquet    Volunteer Sunflower

Broom corn makes a great display and pumpkins almost ready to usher in fall. 

Broom Corn   Broom Corn Harvested  Pumpkins Ready to Harvest

Cutting back rampant artemisia and the vine that never flowered:

Artemisia Cleanup  Goodbye Non-blooming Morning Glories
Moss rose pots are stripped, the soil is recycled, and the pots cleaned for next year's growth. Moss Rose   Pots Cleanup  Ready for Storage
The only peppers that survived leaf drop were one Hungarian, two piquin (bird pepper) and 4 serranos.
Piquin Pepper  Serrano
We planted the okra late so it is only now producing fruit. This cajun specialty is best harvested when no longer than 3 inches, so watch the fruit carefully because it grows quickly. It is often used as a thickener in soups or stews, sometimes fried. Very ornamental!
Okra  Okra Blooms
And, finally the 'Celebrity" tomato that survived the hornworm attack lives up to its name:

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