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September 5, 2016

This is the year of volunteer plants in our garden. Volunteer mullein, sweet annie, and a sturdy tomato plant popped up in this row.

Volunteer Row

The tomato was transplanted to the black plastic row, and, with any luck it will give us a second crop before first frost. September 25th is our first frost date (Zone 4-5), but here at Planter it falls around October 7th.

Labor Day is a gentle reminder to start thinking about fall clean-up and ordering bulbs.

Buddleia, Anise Hyssop, Russian Sage are coming into their own. Disbudding old flower tops on these shrubs and just about everthing that blooms will either give it a chance to bloom through fall; or, it will replenish their root systems for the following year.

Butterfly on Buddleia

Last summer, something chopped off our beautiful yucca. . .

Century Plant 2015

. . . and left us with a stump. This year, it rebounded, so we are hoping for a flower bloom next year.

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