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It seemed like a simple goal: learn how many pounds of peppers and tomatoes we need to grow or purchase, to keep two chileheads in salsa, pepper relishes, jelllies, and dried peppers for the year, with some leftover for gifts.

Math not being my strong point, I stuffed several years of scattered notes into a table. As early as 1999, I guessed we needed about 35 pints of salsa, but was way off on other needs. I also learned it takes five poundsof tomatoes and two pounds of peppers for one pint of salsa. We buy from local farmers to supplement what we are unable to grow. In 2008, we had a bumper crop of Hungarian peppers, which cut our vendor order in half. (Our local, and only source of hot peppers, charges $2.99 a pound for hot peppers, a good price for New Hampshire).

Our goal for 2004 is to double the yields of peppers.  We have decided to purchase our tomatoes from local growers to free up more space for greens and peppers.

To meet our needs:

*  33 pts of salsa

*  20 pts total pepper relishes, pickled slices, chutneys, jellies, and dried peppers

This would require:

30  lbs roma tomatoes (about a half a bushel)
10 lbs jalapeno peppers                                              }   (about 1/3 a bushel)
10 lbs total  Hungarian and cherry peppers          }