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Planter Yields and Measurements

construc_working.gif (233 bytes) Our first try at recordkeepping for Garden 1999.  Ironically, this may have been our best
pepper year since we started Planter Garden!  Since that time, pests and droughts are on the rise and
yields are decreasing.
           #   Plants                         # lbs raw vegetable  
45   pepper plants (including some sweet peppers)               30 
10   table tomatoes                                             45
11   Roma tomatoes                                              25
10 lbs of Romas from a local produce stand -- thanks to the tomato hornworm,
     that diminished our tomato yield by about 30%-50%!
21   pts salsa
13   8-oz jars jalapeno jelly
10   pts piccalilli 
21   pts pickled and sliced peppers and pepper relishes
4    gal whole dried peppers (cayenne, ancho, habanero, piquin, and Thai)
3    bags of frozen whole jalapenos and serranos

As recordkeepping improves, after three years' experience,  this cook-gardener  has found that our two-chilehead household needs approximately the following to get us through the year:

35   pts salsa

4-   1/2 pts










Other Useful Yield Info:
8  cherry tomato plants           15 lbs  
15 row ft green beans            12 lbs
    Measurements for canning salsas and relishes:
1  peck medium peppers =   6  lbs = 7 cps chopped  = approx. 5 pts pepper relish
2  doz medium tomatoes            = 4-5 cps chopped 
1  onion                          = 1 cp chopped