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Polar Bear, National Wildlife Federation

Thomas Mangelsen, National Wildlife Federation

John Fast, some-time contributor to Planter.


Wildlife FAQs

A male bear needs as much as 120 miles of habitat. Females need 1/10th as much for ranging.

The common loon can fly as fast as 75 mph.  (Audubon Society, Capital Nighthawk)

When a goose gets sick, injured, or shot down, two geese follow it down and stay with it until it is able to fly again or dies.  (New Hampshire Extension Service newsletter)




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Wildlife Links

The links below are good for all ages. April is the best time to visit webcams. The photos refresh every few minutes. If you're persistent, you might be able to catch an egg hatching online at eagle and peregrine cams.

Animal Database, (Univ. of MI)
Beartracker.comAwesome Sight, Great Graphics
Critter Corner   (EEK), WI
Eagle Web Cam, MA
Fish & Wildlife OR
NH Birding List NH
Osprey Web Cam NH
Peregrine Web Cam PA
Threatened & Endangered Species, NH
Threatened & Endangered Species National Database (US FWS)
National Wildlife Federation
Northern Prairie Research Center (USGS) -- One of the most comprehensive sources of biological information by type, taxon, geography, and other categories. If this link does not work, you can find it at the NBII Portal, at USGS National Biological Information Infrastructure.
Animal Database, (Univ. of MI)
Marine Education Links Oregon State University
Salmon Page "Dedicated to All Things Salmon"
Wildflower Links (NPS)

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