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Source:  Univ. of Nebraska NebFacts, NF92-69

Tomato (Det=determinate, ind=indeterminate)

Salad or Cherry
Super Sweet 100 F1 VF ind, 1" fruit, improved Sweet 100
Sweet million F1 TMV, F leaf spot, N 1" fruit, less cracking
Chello yellow cherry
Sub-artic Plenty det, very early, Canadian, for cool
Macero II ASC, F1, V large plants
Roma ASC, F1, V compact vines, det.
Viva Italia F1 V,F,N, BSP det, high sugar content
Jet Star F1 ind, mid-season, nice fruit
Better Boy Hybrid V,F,N, ind, 10 oz. fruit
Celebrity* F1 V,F,N, TMV det, 8 oz. fruit
Early Girl Hybrid V 5 oz. fruit
Delicious very large fruits
Mountain Pride F1 early, sweet
Mountain Delight F1 F,V,F1,F2 det, 10-12 oz. fruit
Quick Pick F1 V,F,FNTA,F1,F2 medium size, ind, early
Oregon Spring V, F very early, 6-7 oz. fruit, good for cold areas, parthenocarpic fruits

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