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Meadow Fog

Meadow Fog


*  Seed spring-planted brassicas and greens
*  Seeding perennials, selected annuals
*  Cold-treating seeds
*  Pot stored dahlia bulbs
*  Tune lawn mower and roto tiller 

In the Seeding Room

Our seeding schedule is a version of the Franklin Quest organizer. The editor is to accomodate extreme weather (aka global warming), which has forced us to move our planting dates ahead by about 2 weeks.

See Seeding Tips and the April Archive for more details.

In the Garden

Spring Melt

Northernmost raised beds are first to feel the warmth of the vernal sun.

In the Ornamental Beds and Meadow

A general rule of thumb to remember when to prune.   Most plants that bloom before May should be pruned after they bloom and plants that bloom after May (considered summer-blooming) should be pruned just before spring growth.

Weather Log

The first week of March 2006 brings only a hint of thaw. We can hear the ice breaking up on the Warner River. The snow melted, predictably, on the first two raised beds to be warmed by the sun as it reaches over the pines.

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