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Happy Holidays!

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Planter Garden, December

Planter's calendar is for Zone 4.  Check the Hardiness map link in Garden Links for your zone, then go to Tips 'n Stuff for the monthly calendar archive that fits your time zone.

"Generating food for ourselves is a political act.   We maintain sovereignty and sufficiency by doing so. . ."   A Mohawk/Algonquin farmer. 

Make a wreath or Christmas ornament from fallen pine cones and branches. 

Pine Cone Ornament, Made by Mary


Ristras make a nice Christmas swag, and you can use the peppers for sauce next year.


Reprinted with permission from Candy Witcher Galleries

Legend has it that holly brings good fortune, family quarrels, or protection against evil spirits, depending on what country you're in. 

Ponsettias are more fussy -- they need 14 hours of continuous darkness for 8-10 weeks in order to set their blooms.

Make some chutneys or relishes for holiday gifts. 

Start sprouting some beans and seeds for salads and stir fry dishes.   You can also start sprouting  broccoli sprouts .  Research funded by National Insititute of Health finds that three-day old broccoli sprouts are up to to 50 times more effective in attacking the "molecular hit men" responsible for causing cancer, heart disease, and other conditions. 

Evergreens can be pruned during the winter.


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