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Hardy Roses

Note:  The Univ. of Minn. is an excellent source of information about growing hardy plants, including roses.  See the link below. 

Other Hardy Roses
Cultivar Flower color Plant height (feet) Flower diameter (inches) Flower type
VD=very double
USDA Zones Repeat bloom? Fragrance Comments
Shrub roses
Agnes light amber yellow 5-6 2-3 D 4-5 no ff Rugosa Hybrid; susceptible to black spot
Belle Poitevine magenta-pink 4-5 3-4 SD 2-3 yes ff hardy Rugosa Hybrid
Blanc Double de Coubert white 5-7 3-3.5 SD 2-3 yes fff Very fragrant Rugosa Hybrid
Carefree Beauty coral pink 3 4-4.5 SD 4 yes f This Buck rose has long-lasting flowers and orange fruit.
Carefree Delight pink 2.5-5 1.5 S 4 yes Excellent disease resistance; prolific
Chuckles deep rose 2 3.5 S 4 yes ff Floribunda
Dwarf Pavement pink 3 3 SD 3 yes fff Also known as Rosa Zwerg.
F. J. Grootendorst bright red 3-5 1-1.5 D 3-4 yes none Fringed flowers resemble carnations.
Foxi Pavement deep pink 3 3 SD 3 yes fff Also known as Buffalo Gal.
Fru Dagmar Hastrup shell pink 3 3-3.5 S 2 yes fff Hybrid Rugosa with good fall foliage color.
Grootendorst Supreme dark red 3-4.5 1-1.5 D 3-4 yes none Fringed flowers resemble carnations.
Hansa crimson-purple 6 4-4.5 D 2-3 yes fff Hybrid Rugosa
Harison's Yellow sulfur yellow 6 2-2.5 SD 3 no ff Small, fernlike foliage
Hunter brilliant red 4 3-3.5 D 4 yes f Hybrid Rugosa
Lillian Gibson light pink 9-10 2.5-3 D 3-4 no ff Prolific; 4-6 week bloom period
Linda Campbell red 5-6 2.5 D 4-5 yes Needs winter protection.
Madame Hardy white 5-6 2-3 D 4 no fff Old Damask. Blooms have green "eyes." Suckers.
Nearly Wild medium pink 2-3 2 S 4 yes f A Floribunda whose flower resembles a wild rose.
Pink Grootendorst clear pink 3-4.5 1-1.5 D 3-4 yes none Fringed flowers resemble carnations.
Purple Pavement purple-crimson 3 3 SD 3 fff Also known as Rotes Meer.
Red leaf rose
R. glauca (R. rubrifolia)
pink 6 1.5 S 2 no f Reddish foliage has blue cast. Some shade tolerance.
R. hugonis (Father Hugo's Rose) primrose yellow 6-8 2-2.5 S 4 no f Bushy growth with small ferny foliage.
R. rugosa deep rose, magenta or white 5-6 3.5 S 2 yes fff Large fruit
R. rugosa alba plena white 5-6 3.5 SD 2-3 yes fff
Roseraie de l'Hay purplish-red 6 4 SD 4 yes fff Hybrid Rugosa
Schneezwerg (Snowdwarf) white 5 2 SD 2-3 yes fff Hybrid Rugosa; deadhead for best appearance.
Sir Thomas Lipton white 5-6 3 D 4 yes ff Hybrid Rugosa
Snow Pavement light lavender 2 3 SD 3 yes fff Large red hips; also known as Schneekoppe.
Stanwell Perpetual blush pink aging to white 3 2-2.5 D 3-4 yes fff Buy grafted/budded plants to prevent suckers. Gray-green foliage.
Therese Bugnet lavender pink 5-6 2-4 D 2 yes fff Susceptible to mildew. May not rebloom much.
Topaz Jewel soft yellow 5 3.5-4 SD 4-5 yes f Hybrid Rugosa. Blossoms shatter easily.
Climbing roses
Seven Sisters
(R. multiflora platyphylla)
dark rose to lilac 10 small D 4-5 no f Rambler. Color changes as flower ages.

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