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Planter's Plant Gallery


Spring/Early Summer

                                         Foxglove         Delphinium                              Delphiniium
 and Foxglove



                     Poppy                   Poppy Seedpod             Oriental Poppy

Naturalized Wildflowers    Summer Garden 2008    Bountiful harvest of Hungarian Peppers, 2008 Hornworm on Pepper

      Purple Coneflower      Butterflies and Bees on Echinacea    Lambsears
 and Daisies

End of the Season

Autumn Harvest Sunflowers    Autumn Harvest Sunflowers  Chickadee on Sunflower   Swallowtail on Verbena


  Borage        Calendula       Herb Pot      Compost 
feeds Nasturtiums and Sunflowers

      Borage             Calendula            'Thai' Pepper and thyme         Sunflowers, Nasturtiums and Compost


Grasshopper. . . enlarged 60x with a microscope made by Intel/Matell Corporations.



*Unless otherwise indicated, photos were taken by Planter.