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Harvesting Tips

Timing our harvesting for processing or for the table is tricky.  We try to time planting paste tomatoes a little later than table tomatoes so they mature the same time peppers do for canning salsa.  See also Food Storage and Planter's Yields.  See Shirls Recipes for more on freezing and drying.   Some tips for keeping until you use them:

    ball_gre.gif (156 bytes)   Instead of refrigerating tomatoes, wrap them in newspapers and keep in a cool, dark place.  They won't be as watery.  Use this technique for storing semi-ripe tomatoes at the end of the season.

    ball_gre.gif (156 bytes)   Hot peppers can be stored in a vinegar solution and refrigerated until you have enough to process. 

    ball_gre.gif (156 bytes)   If you're swimming in herbs, harvest while fresh, chop them up, add them to butter or olive oil in ice cube trays, and freeze. 

    ball_gre.gif (156 bytes)  Drying veggies is easier than processing.    A dehydrator is one option. 

tomato_drying_comp_small.jpg (4969 bytes)

Before we inherited the old terrariuim below from our folks, we dried tomatoes and peppers inside the windshield of our car.  Primitive, but effective as long as some windows are left open so they don't cook!

solar_drying_small.jpg (7565 bytes)                                Solar Drying Tomatoes