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Our Mink Hills resident bear

Our resident bear (brown spot on his face, white spot on his chest) reappeared at Planter birdfeeder in 2010, after almost a year's absence. He caught us unprepared and had a feast at the birdfeeder without putting a dent in it.

Bear at feeder


Bear in July


In the past, bear visits had stopped around early May. In 2007, they continued visiting throughout the summer.

October, 2007, Guard Dog discovers fresh bear prints strolling down the driveway.

Cataloging Smells for Future Use    Early Morning Fall Walk

September 9, 2007

The month before, scat appears in road, in the same spot. About the same time, our sunflower heads were mysteriously lopped off at the top. He is prime suspect.

July, 2007, visits.


Kitchen Window, Moves In           Motherlode


On one visit, he makes a valiant effort to retrieve a non-existent bird feeder.


July 18, 2007         July 18, 2007          July 18, 2007


July 18   July 18th   July 18th


2005 and 2006

April 30,2006          Bear Near Bedroom