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Fun and Games

Internet: a bunch of computers bulging with forwarded jokes.

New Huckabee meets "strange people" on the campaign trail...

This Dog and baby will tear your heart out.

Check out this Will Farrell "Global Warming" clip.

Play ON LINE: 3D Tic Tac Toe or Asteroids .

Answer to one of life's mysteries!

Download (save) Optical Illusion , click on the (22K) file (optical.exe), then stare at the design for about 30 seconds, place hand on mouse. Now look at your hand... A.r.r.r.g.h.


All humility aside, I was the original 'pin ball wizard'. Pong, Asteroids...been there and mastered that.

Now, I prefer online, multiplayer First Person Shooters (FPS) with large 'maps', towns and interesting terrain.

No, Prudence, FPS(s) are not (only) about violence and explosions. It's also about reflexes, hand-to-eye coordination, strategy, knowledge of terrain, computing skills, etc. And lots of explosions :-)

Following are good game sites:

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Gamegrabber Demoland PC Game.com OGR
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