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New Hampshire Seasons

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Winter Road

  Country Road, Lakes Region NH, Credit to Sis for this one

Planter Garden, Winter 2008/2009 Fox Listening for Meadow Mice
Waterloo Bridge   Winter Fun

Waterloo Bridge

Meadow Ice       Turkeys, January 2006


       springmelt,lower field floods and subsequent   hatcheries,

      meadow smoke. . .

    Meadow Smoke

       and . . .            a hungry visitor.

Spring Thaw
Summer at Planter. . .

;         2006    2007 Frog Climbing Front Door at Night    Nest in Garage    Transplanting Summer, July 2008

. . . and in the Lakes Region

Girl in Boots    Bike Week, Weirs Beach NH

    Lakes Region viewed from Mt. Percival

Moose on Pitchwood
Island Moose swims to Pitchwood Island.


Along the Warner River

Waterloo Bridge

         Fall on the Warner River         Fall on the Warner River
Mushrooms      Mushrooms in old composted Wood Chips      Turkeys-Front Yard

End of the Season in Lakes Region

Pitchwood Island,
on the Lake

  Loons  Mergansers

Loons and mergansers gather together for their annual flight south

A late evening canoe ride

A Country Trail

Photo by Sister, A Hidden Trail

Fall Foliage Festival, Warner NH
Fall Festival Warner         festival_lumbjack_small.jpg (4218 bytes)         Kearsarge Gore Farm Stand Buffalo BBQ
Kids       Generations     Bench Warmers