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Planter's Self Audit

Source:   Below are EPA's recommendations after the editor filled out an online self-auditing form.  Not surprising to learn that the biggest energy hog here in New Hampshire is heating. 

Top 5 Upgrades Session ID: H3929
Zipcode: 03278
Location: Pittsfield, New_Hampshire
Here is an estimation of your energy bill, and the bill savings from the top 5 recommended upgrades for your house, based on the questions you answered.
Annual Energy Cost   For Your House


Annual Energy Cost With Upgrade


Potential   Savings
Breakdown of Annual Energy Use
in Your House
Energy Use Your House Your House with
Top 5 Upgrades
Heating $1049 $571
Water Heating $125 $125
Appliances $506 $506
Lighting $119 $119
Miscellaneous $222 $222
These are the top 5 recommended upgrades listed in order of highest return on your investment.
  1. Install an ENERGY STAR-labeled programmable thermostat.  Estimated return on investment:  16%-23%.  Annual Savings:  $101
  2. Have your ducts professionally sealed to reduce leakage. Estimated return on investment:   35%-71%.  Annual Savings:  $143
  3. Have a professional seal your home's air leaks. Estimated return on investment:   23%-68%.  Annual Savings:  $170
  4. Insulate your ceiling to at least R-49.  Estimated Return on investment:   13%-19%.  Annual Savings:  $93
  5. Insulate the floor above your basement to at least R-19.  Estimated return on investment:  10%-22%.  Annual Savings:  $84

  Formerly EPA's Home Improvement Tools