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Heroes and Heroines
Miriam, Abraham, my mmother, Necha,  ca 1908 

When my mother and I heard Bubbe relate her wartime experiences to us, my mother and I purchased a portable tape recorder and some writing materials and did not look back. My mother was the translator and I was the editor and “tape technician.” Originally intended to be an eyewitness account for the Holocaust archives, it evolved into the life story of a remarkable woman who survived two world wars to live out her dream of retiring to America, happily surrounded by the remnants of her family. For a peek preview, see Memoir.
My other mother and father came into my life when I married their son. Mom was a model when she met my future father-in-law. They knew each other less than two weeks before they married. Dad served on an aircraft carrier during World War II and captain of an aircraft carrier during peacetime. Mom kept up the home front, raising five children when Dad was overseas. During his Navy career he was a test pilot, diplomat in Turkey, supervisor at Sandia Research Lab. They retired early and happily lived out their American dream in New Hampshire. Lucky us to have had such role models!            Mom modeling and Dad standing by his fighter plane, ca 1941