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Black Bear at Planter

Bear Zoom

This Black Bear  is a resident of the Mink Hills/Warner River watershed.  New housing in the Minks encroaches on his traditional sources of food, so the next best thing is the bird feeder. 

Bear, Old Bird Feeder    Approaching the Feeder    Bear at the Feeder    Bear at the Feeder   
Getting at the Feeder    Gotta be here somewhere    Oh well..    Leaving Front Yard

Bird feeder empty so he heads for storage bin in our screened porch. Before he heads for the hills, he stops for a scratch.

Motherlode   Nothing like a good scratch after a heavy meal Heading for the hills  

Young Bear

This bear looks like a young one, perhaps the offspring of one of the above. Those photos were taken between 2007-2009.

Fast forward to 2016 and meet our latest cub. There was a lapse of 2-3 years in bear sitings on the homestead until our first encounter, taken in July.

Bear Cub July,2016

In only two months, he/she has doubled in size!

Bear Cub   September, 2016